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Implant MORe Design

Implant MORe is an international working company offering secured technical products, mainly implants, based on high technology and advanced innovation bringing into focus perfection toward health and aesthetic.
The conceptor has the vision of creating implants combining all advantages of others. He has developed efficient implants proved and secured by 25 years of implantology experience, offering the following key characters:

High Quality implants

  • High basic stability even in weak bone situation
  • Implants which cover clinical needs with only one system
  • Total treatment flexibility according to the patient requirements and personal preferences
  • Grade consolidation (strengthening) of bones
  • Smaller osteotomy
  • Preservation of the biology of marginal hard and soft tissue
  • More focuses on perfection toward health and aesthetic
  • Tight seal and high mechanical strength through conical connection with hexagonal interlocking

Efficiency and Aesthetic

Implant MORe created four implants whose significant names reveal more about their properties:

  • ANCHOR: For high stability in compromised bone situations
  • NEPTUNE: For treatments involving placement in type 1 and type 2 bone
  • APHRODITE: For perfect and long terme aesthetic results
  • TREE-DENT: 3D Implant with optimised stability allowing on spot loading

Customer Service

High quality implants providing topest high tech solutions, offering more health and perfect aesthetic will support your total success in implantology.